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Wine for Every Occasion


Dry Wines

Rosa Blanca – Muscat Grape, fruity, dry; a lighter white wine, great with lighter fare foods.

Chardonnay- A spicy dry white wine.; wonderful with white meats, salads or just by the glass.

Vino Rojo - A soft dry red wine that compliments pasta, or foods from the grill.

Merlot - A wonderful red dry wine; great with red meats or pasta.

Red Zinfandel - A dry red wine, great with meats and pasta.

Cabernet Sauvignon - A full bodied dry wine rich with dark berry flavors, highlighted with spicy black pepper and a hint of vanilla.

Syrah - A spicy, rich, dry red wine best with heavy beef or food from the grill.

Sweet Wines

Chanter Blanc - An off dry Chenin Blanc grape with apple and pear characteristics.

Ombra d’ Luna – A delicate Riesling with a floral bouquet taste; pairs well with cheeses and salads.

Casato Dolce – A Muscat Canelli grape; very floral, sweet with honeysuckle flavor.

White Zinfandel – A sweet white wine with a tint of rose.

Rosa Linda – An award winning full bodied wine; pairs well with all foods or perfect just by the glass.

Red Sangria – Our signature wine made from fresh fruits can be purchased by the ½ gallon.

Portejas – A Red Zinfandel Port fortified with Brandy.

Black Silk – An after dinner wine that tastes like chocolate.